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Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
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Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
Breadcrumb Abstract Shape
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I. Subject or object form? Put in the pronouns.

1. There’s no need to shout. I can hear you.

2. You and I work well together._____ are a good team.

3. We’ve got a bit problem. Could______ help______, please?

4. John’s two years younger than Alice, but_____ is nearly as tall as______.

5. This is a good photo, isn’t ______?

– Is Jessica in ______?

– Yes that’s ______. Look,______ is next to Andrew.

6. Who did this crossword?

– ______. I did______ this morning.

7. Is this Nicky’s bag?

– No,______ didn’t bring one. It can’t belong to ______.

8. ______ am looking for my shoes. Have ______ seen ______?

– Yes._____ are here.

9. What about Emily?

– I expect______ will be there. And her brother ______ both came to the party.

– Do ______ mean Jackson? I don’t like______ very much.

10. Are Rita and Richard coming to the party?

– We’ve invited______ but ______ isn’t sure______ can come or not.

II. Rewrite these sentences, using pronoun it.

1. To keep it somewhere safe is important.

-> It’s important to keep it somewhere safe.

2. The journey to Brighton from London takes only one hour by train.

3. Some parts of King Lear are extremely difficult to understand.

4. That he will fail is clear to everyone but himself.

5. Finding our way home won’t be easy.

6. My question itself made him angry.

7. Meeting each other on this occasion is a good chance.

8. Do you think that to explain to him what happened is difficult?

9. People think that he is the best doctor in this city.

10. To fall asleep like that is stupid.

III. Put in there or it.

1. What’s the new restaurant like? Is it good?

2. The road is closed._______ has been an accident.

3. Take a taxi.______ is a long way to the station.

4. Did someone ring?

– _______ was Vicky. She just called to say she’s arrived safely.

5. ______ was a car outside.______ looked very expensive.

6. When we got to the cinema, ______ was a queue outside.______ was a very long queue, so we decided not to wait.

7. How far is _____ from Milan to Rome?

8. ______ was wet, and_____ was a cold east wind. ____ was after midnight, and ______ were few people on the street.

9. I was told that would be somebody to meet me at the airport but
______ wasn’t anybody.

______ is a woman at the door.

10. – Oh,______ is Aunt Le.

IV. Choose the right possessives

1. Did you and your/ yours friends have a nice holiday?

2. Is this Alice’s book or your/ yours?

– It’s her/ hers.

3. Who/Whose car is that on the driveway?

-I don’t know, not our/ ours.

4. Take your/ yours feet off the table. It/ Its legs aren’t very strong.

5. The Whartons are spending August in our/ ours flat, and we’re borrowing their/ theirs.

6. That’s my/ mine coat, and the scarf is my/ mine

7. Your/ Yours eyes are blue and her/ hers are brown.

8. They claim the money is all their/ theirs.

9. Unfortunately, the town has lost it’s/ its only cinema.

10. Rachel has got her/ hers own calculator. She doesn’t borrow my/ mine.

V. Complete the conversation, put in my, your, etc or mine, yours, etc.

     Laura: Did you and (1)______ friends have a nice holiday?

     Emma: Yes, it was wonderful. We had the best holiday of (2)_______ lives. It didn’t start very well, though. Daniel forgot to bring (3) _______ passport.

     Laura: Oh, dear. So what happened?

     Emma: Well, luckily he doesn’t live far from the airport. He rang (4) ______ parents, and they brought the passport over in (5)______ car, just in time.

     Laura: You remembered (6)______, I hope.

     Emma: Yes, I had (7) _____ , even though I’m usually the one who forgets things. Actually Rachel thought for a minute that she’d lost (8) ______. Luckily it was in (9)______ suitcase. Anyway, in the end we had a marvellous time.

VI. Complete each sentence, using reflexive pronouns (myself/yourself…) with one of these verbs (in the correct form).

          burn                 cut                   blame                enjoy                      express

          hurt                  dry                   turn                    look at                   lock

1. I cut myself shaving this morning.

2. John fell out of the window, but he didn’t ______ badly.

3. The computer will _____ off if you don’t use it.

4. We _____ out last night.

5. Be careful! That pan is very hot. Don’t ______

6. Jane______ in the mirror to check her make-up.

7. They had a great time. They really______.

8. Sometimes I can’t say what I mean. I Wish I could _____ better.

9. It isn’t your fault. You really shouldn’t ______ .

10. Vicky and Emma, you can______ on these towels.

VII. Put in reflexive pronouns (myself/ yourself/ herself …) or personal pronouns (me/you/her…).

1. Julia had a great holiday. She enjoyed

2. It’s not my fault. You can’t blame_____ .

3. Don’t pay any attention to______. He always complains.

4. What I did was very wrong. I’m ashamed of______.

5. We’ve got a problem. I hope you can help_____

6. My mother likes to have all her family near_____.

7. The old man is no longer able to look after______.

8. It’s a pity you didn’t bring your camera with_____.

9. I gave a key so that they could let_____ in.

10. Don’t worry about______, Mom. I can look after____.

11. Don’t tell______ the answer to the Puzzle. We can work it for­­­­_____.

12. Can I take another biscuit?” “Of course. Help______ !”

VIII. Choose the right answer.

1. I go to school with______ every day.

a. they         b. them         c. their           d. themselves

2. We saw_____ at the Union last Friday.

a. her           b. she            c. hers          d. herself

3. Isn’t_______ a nice person?

a. he             b. his             c. himself      d. him

4. John and_____ gave the money to the boy.

a. her           b. herself        c. she           d. me

5. Your record is scratched and _____ is, too.

a. my           b. mine            c. it               d. myself

6. John’s shoes were worn out, so he bought_____ a pair of new shoes.

a. him           b. his               c. them         d. himself

7. Who does this CD belong to?  – ______. I’ve just bought it.

a. I              b. Me                 c. Mine           d. Myself

8. The manager _______ welcomed us to the hotel.

a. himself     b. he                 c. his                d. him

9. Mary and _____ would rather go to the movies.

a. me           b. my                  c. I                   d. mine

10. Just help_____ to sanwiches, won’t you?

a. you           b. your                c. yourself      d. yours

11. Could you lend Sue your ruler? _____ has jusst been broken.

a. She           b. Her                  c. Hers           d. Herself

12. This parcel is for George and_____.

a. I                 b. me                   c. your           d. yourselves

13. Is that Mary over there? Yes, that’s_____.

a. her              b. she                  c. hers            d. herself

14. John and Tom, you _____ have to do it.

a. yourself       b. yours               c. your           d. yourselves

15. It was _____ who called you.

a. he                b. him                  c. his             d. himself

IX. Complete the sentences with some/ any/ somebody/ anybody/ something/ anything

1. I was too surprised to say anything .

2. There’s ______ at the door.

– Are you expecting______ ?

3. Did you get the oil? – No, there wasn’t ______ left.

4. Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost______?

– Well, I was looking for ______, but now I can’t remember what it was.

5. Would you-like some cheese and biscuits? – Oh no, thank you. I couldn’t eat ______ else.

6. You must be hungry. Would you like______ to eat?

7. Quick, let’s go! There’s ______ coming and I don’t want______ to see us.

8. Sally was upset about_____ and refused to talk to _______ .

9. This machine is very easy to use._____ can learn to use it in a very short time.

10. Were there any calls for me? -Yes,______ rang while you were out. He refused to give his name, but he wanted to discuss______ with you.

11. _____ who saw the accident should contact the police.

12. I didn’t have any money, so I had to borrow______.

X. Choose the right word.

1. She told (nobody/ anybody) about her wedding.

2. (Everyone/ someone) knows the man is a thief, but (anyone/ no one) dares 
to say so publicly.

3. I can’t go to the party. I haven’t got (nothing/ anything) to wear.

4. I’d like to go away (somewhere/ nowhere) if I can. (Someone/ Anyone) I know has invited me to his villa in Portugal, so I may go there.

5. What’s in that box? – (Nothing/ Anything). It’s empty.

6. I don’t know (nothing/ anything) about economics.

7. Has Matthew got a job yet? -No, but he’s looked (somewhere/ everywhere). 
          He hates the idea of sitting around doing (something/ nothing).

8. The accident looked serious but fortunately (nobody/ anybody) was injured.

9. Could you do (anything/ something) for me, please?

10. There was completely silence in the room. (Somebody/ Nobody) said (anything something).

XI. Choose the correct form.

1. We had to wait because someone had lost its/ their ticket.

2. One of the policemen had injured his/ their arm.

3. Most of these shoes is/are in fashion now.

4. No one likes/ like going to the dentist, do he/ they?

5. If anybody wants/ want to leave early, she/ they can.

6. One of the guests had brought something wrapped in brown paper. She put it/ them on the table.

7. Some of my friends has/ have arrived.

8. No tourists ever come/ comes to our village.

9. Everybody have/ has to leave his/their bags outside.

10. No car is/ are allowed in the city center.

XII. Put in of or nothing.

Well some (1)______ our luggage has arrived, so thing could be worse. I’ve got the books and papers, but I’ve lost most (2)______ ray clothes. I haven’t got any ( 3 ) _____ socks at all, and in have to buy some more (4) ______ jeans, but at least I’ve got enough (5)______ underwear for week. I’m going to buy a few (6)______ those woolen shirts that you like, and one (7) ______ the big coats that we looked at. Unfortunately, they’ve got no (8) ______ shoes in my size, and none (9)______ the jackets suit me. Anyway, I’m not alone. Everyone (10)______ us has lost something. In fact, three (11) ______ people have got no (12)_______ luggage at all. Well, as they say, into each (13)______ life a little (14)______ rain must fall.

XIII. Complete the sentences using the words in brackets. Sometimes no other words are necessary. Sometimes you need the, or of the.

1. I wasn’t well yesterday. I spent most of the day in bed. (most/ day)

2. Some cars can go faster than others, (some/ cars)

3. ______ drive too fast. (many/ people)

4. ______ you took on holiday were very good, (some/ photographs)

5. ______ learn more quickly than others. (some/ people)

6. We’ve eaten______ we bought. There’s very little left. (most/ food)

7. Have you spent______ you borrowed? (all/ money)

8. Peter can’t stop talking. He talks______. (all time)

9. We had a lazy holiday. We spent ______ on the beach. (most/ time)

10. George is easy to get on with._______ like him (most/ people)

11. The exam was difficult. I could only answer___________. (half/ questions)

12. It was a public holiday.________ were open, (none/ shops)

XIV. Complete the sentences with all/ both/ neither/ either/ none/ each.

1. I took two books with me on holiday but I didn’t read either of them.

2. We tried a lot of hotels but_______ of them had any rooms. of them were full.

3. I tried twice to phone George but______ times he was out.

4. There are two good hotels in the town but_______ of them had any rooms. ______ of them were full.

5. There are a few shops at the end of the street but ______ of them sell newspapers.

6. The book is divided into five parts and______ of these has three sections.

7. I can meet you on the 6th or 7th. Would ______ of those days be convenient for you?

8. John and I couldn’t get into the house because______ of us had a key.

9. There were a few letters this morning but_______ of them were for me. 
______ were for my father.

10. I’ve got two bicycles.of them are quite old. I don’t ride________ of them anymore.______ of them is in very good condition, I’m afraid.

XV. Choose the right answer.

1. I can’t go to a party. I haven’t got______ to wear.

a. anything                 b. everything                  c. something                   d. nothing

2. Take care______, Ann.

a. you                         b. your                           c. yours                           d. yourself

3. ______ would be lovely to see you again.

a. It                            b. That                             c. There 
                        d. You

4. If you want some apples, I’ll get you______ at the shop.

a. any                        b. it                                   c. one 
                            d. some

5. We’ve brought some food with______.

a. me                        b. we                                 c. us 
                              d. ourself

6. Who’s there? – Only______ .

a. I                            b. me                                 c. mine                           
d. myself

7. Is______ a post office near here?

a. here                      b. it                                    c. there                           d. this

8. Everyone has to leave______ bags outside.

a. his                        b. their                                c. its                               d. her

9. The two girl often wear______ clothes.

a. each other            b. each other’s                   c. themselves                d. themselves’

10. Have you had enough to eat, or would you like______ else?

a. anything              b. nothing                           c. something                   d. thing

11. Have you seen my calculator? I can’t find i t ______.

a. anywhere            b. nowhere                         c. somewhere                 d. where

12. Peter has two brothers, but he doesn’t speak to ______ of them.

a. any                      b. most                               c. either                           d. neither

13. Johnson spent______ his life in the South.

a. some                   b. most                               c. none of                        d. most of

14. We could all do more to keep healthy. We don’t look after______ properly.

a. ourself                 b. ourselves                        c. ours                           d. each other’s

15. The two boxers did their best to knock______ out.

a. them                   b. themselves                      c. each other                 d. each other’s

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